The Blurred Vision Studio is available by appointment only. Please contact us to discuss your project. It's a calm, relaxed, private, creative space where you can chill and make music in your own time.

If you know what you're doing you can have the run of the place, or we can provide recording and production assistance when needed. We can help with most facets of music making, from composition, through tracking, to final mastering.

The recording space isn't suitable for bands, though a small acoustic combo or jazz group might just work. We're more suited to solo singer / songwriters or duos, or electronic artists.


The studio is fully equipped with a small kitchen, a separate bathroom, and sleeping for two people. The City of Fremantle is right on our doorstep, so this is a great place to to hide away from the world and work on some music for an extended period. Please contact us to discuss options.


Everything here is done with Apple's Logic Pro X, running on an iMac and a MacBook Pro, with Apogee Symphony MKII converters for pristine audio quality. The main monitors are Neumann KH310s, along with some baby Genelecs, and various other playback systems for reference. We've got two Universal Audio UAD-2 satellite DSP boxes, and an extensive set of UAD-2 plugins for composition, mixing and mastering. We have the Native Instruments Komplete suite of plugins, amongst various others.

We don't work with Pro Tools, though we can happily export audio and MIDI from Logic sessions for you to import into Pro Tools for further work down the line. We also have Ableton Live 10 Suite if you need that.

There's a small but good collection of mics, and a nice collection of guitars, amps and effects, including lots of Strymon pedals.

Please contact us for more details.


We went a little crazy with the resurgence of the Eurorack modular synthesizer format. This is the current collection, primarily based around Harvestman / Industrial Music Electronics, Make Noise, Livewire and Doepfer, but with all sorts of other things as well.

We like modular gear as it forces you to be creative, and produces sounds that don't just come from a preset in a box that everybody else also has.


If you're looking for a regular, professional-but-friendly studio to work in to record your podcast please get in touch.