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"The wave equation alone does not specify a physical solution; a unique solution is usually obtained by setting a problem with further conditions, such as initial conditions, which prescribe the amplitude and phase of the wave. Another important class of problems occurs in enclosed spaces specified by boundary conditions, for which the solutions represent standing waves, or harmonics, analogous to the harmonics of musical instruments."

Available as a digital download in a variety of formats.

Two limited edition, original, hand numbered prints of the cover artwork are also available (the rest have been sold). Prints are approximately 12" x 12" (30cm x 30cm) printed on high quality, acid free, cotton rag archival paper. Each print includes a digital download of the album.

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Catalog No. BV004
Original Release 2006
Genre / Style electronic, experimental, ambient

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Track Listing

  1. One Term President
  2. Khampagne
  3. The Solution Space of the Universal Wave Function
  4. 10am - 10pm
  5. Maglev
  6. Tunnel No. 1 Collapses
  7. Radiosilencebroken
  8. Blooddiamondmine
  9. Start Finishing Now