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Produced from a range of unpredictable and on-the-spot modular synthesizer and groove box jams between 2017 and 2019, tangential to the New Sound Waves synth collective in Sydney.

biomarker - mark.1 :

b : modular, bass, elektrons, op-1, “vocals”
a : modular, guitar, bass, field recordings, Logic, mix, arrangements, light mastering
k : modular

Available as a digital download in a variety of formats.

Title mark.1
Artist biomarker
Catalog No. BV007
Original Release 2020
Genre / Style electronic, scruffy breaks and beats, ambient

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Track Listing

  1. CTAG
  2. GACC
  3. TTTA
  4. CCAA
  5. GTAC
  6. ACCA
  7. Ten Times Lucky
  8. TCCT
  9. mark.1