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Mastered by Taylor Deupree at 12K.

Available as a digital download in a variety of formats.

Available as a limited edition of 50 numbered CDs in full colour digipaks.

Five limited edition, original, hand numbered prints of the cover artwork are also available. Prints are approximately 12" x 12" (30cm x 30cm) printed on high quality, acid free, cotton rag archival paper. Each print is accompanied by a CD and a digital download.

Title Diagnoses
Artist Strakt
Catalog No. BV008
Original Release 2022
Genre / Style Electronic, ambient, experimental

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Track Listing

  1. 292.81 intoxication delirium
  2. 292.12 induced psychotic disorder, with hallucinations
  3. 300.12 dissociative amnesia
  4. 304.30 dependence
  5. 298.08 brief psychotic disorder
  6. 292.89 hallucinogen persisting perception disorder
  7. 300.82 undifferentiated somatoform disorder
  8. 307.46 sleep terror disorder
  9. 666.00 gear acquisition syndrome